Statutory Audit

We carry out Statutory and Tax Audits under various laws including Income Tax Act, 1961 , Companies Act ,2013 , Goods and Services Act,2017, The Indian Trusts Act, 1882 , Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 , etc to ensure that your financial statements present a true and fair view in accordance with the guidelines issued by the regulator.

Internal Audit

We assess the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes to provide insight and recommendations that can enhance effectiveness of operations, reliability of financials and timely compliance with applicable statutes.

Internal Control Function

We review and evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s internal controls. Based on the risk assessment, we evaluate the adequacy of existing internal controls and perform checks whether these are appropriately implemented.

Fraud Audit

We undertake fraud audits at the specific request of the management or regulator to detect fraud, misappropriation of resources, misconduct or financial irregularities.

Forensic Audit

We undertake the examination of documents and the interviewing of people to extract evidence suitable for use in

Information System Audit

We evaluate the reliability of the controls in the computer system to ensure safeguarding of collection, storage, transmission, and usage of business information & data.

Risk Advisory

We provide customized risk management advice to keep the organization compliant with Indian regulations, ensure that financial statements are reliable and overall help you to curtail avoidable losses.

Ind AS

Where applicable, we carry out reviews and provide an impact analysis of reporting under Indian Accounting Standards (Ind—AS). We also ensure that reporting requirements are adequately met.

Special Purpose Audit

We assist our clients with special purpose reviews wherein we check on management or regulator specified areas, viz. Corporate Social Responsibility, Anti-money laundering, Grant utilization, Inventory Audit etc.