Registration under Various Statutes

We get our clients registered under various statutes including Goods and Services Tax Act,2017 (GST), Value Added Tax,2003 (VAT), The Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 (CST) etc.

Planning & Advisory

We monitor the overall tax strategy keeping in view the changing dynamics of Indian tax legislation, build tax management positions and risk mitigation strategies, conduct tax due diligence and undertake tax efficiency analysis of your transactions, to mitigate legally triggering tax cost and providing maximum tax benefits .

Computation & Return Filing

We provide a one stop solution for computation and returns filing of all the applicable Indirect Taxation Statutes including GST , VAT , CST , Excise , Custom etc.

Representation & Dispute Resolution

Our founder-led representations manage the entire cycle of tax litigation i.e., drafting and submitting replies/appeals, appearing before the revenue officer/first appeals and assisting in representation before judicial bodies.